The one I should have written yesterday

Ok, when I arrived in Sydney yesterday, I was tired from the journey and the heat and mibbe I’d had a tiny drink on the plane, so all I could do was squeal in delight at how comfy my room was and fall sideways on to the bed.  Today?  Well, today is a different story altogether.

Sydney, my eyes simply aren’t big enough.  I want to swing back the top of my head and suck you all in.  I walked for eight hours today and I don’t think I saw one twentieth of what there is to see.

Where to start?  At Sydney fish market, I think, which I walked past this morning and saw hundreds of people – families, couples, tourists all either buying or chowing down on a bewildering range of seafood, crabs the size of sofa cushions and bits of fish I didn’t know fish had.

I walked through the welcome calm and shade of the Botanic Gardens, which are thoughtfully placed slap in the middle of the city centre.  And it was here that I caught my first glimpse (ok, my first glimpse today) of the Opera House, peeping coquettishly at me from behind some bushes.


Are you flirting with me, Opera House?

I saw the waters around Circular Quay, alive with boats and ferries – this is a living, working harbour.

I saw writing in the sky!


The first part said ‘Jesus’ but that had drifted off by the time I got there.

I saw Yoko Ono.  Not really.  I saw a Yoko Ono exhibition (if standing outside it counts as seeing it) at the Museum of Contemporary Art, where even the lavvies are cool.

Um...are you sure, Yoko?

Um…are you sure, Yoko?


The cool lavvies of Sydney.

The cool lavvies of Sydney.


I walked the bridge.  That is, I walked under the bridge.  The marketing genius has not been born who could persuade me to pay $200 to strap myself to a stranger and climb it (the bridge, not the stranger). For that kind of money I expect to be helicoptered to a private audience with Kylie at the top.

In short, I saw loads and I didn’t see anywhere near what there is.  Then in the end, I saw this.


And we do.  Just don’t tell Adelaide.


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