Here I am!

I write this from the future, where I can advise you that it’s warm and pleasant but we still don’t seem to be using jetpacks on any kind of regular basis.  It’s 2.36 in the morning, which means you’ll all just be settling down to your tea.  Me, I’m lying wide awake, wondering what you’re having.  Strangely, a man I got chatting to on the plane said exactly this thing would happen (the waking up bit, not that I would wonder about your tea),  so I can only conclude that he put something in my free onboard booze.

First impressions are: it’s very warm here, but not intolerably so.  Stepping out the airport earlier this evening, I had the impression of going through one of those heating blast things you sometimes pass through on your way into fancy shops and such like in Scotland, between the cold outside and the wee bit less cold inside.  Except here I didn’t seem to be able to pass through it, the heat just continued to blast, even when I was outside in the car park.  They should get that seen to.

Also, so far, Perth seems to be endless freeways and suburbs.  Although to be fair, so far I’ve only travelled from the airport (on the freeway) to where I’ll be staying (in the suburbs), so this is hardly surprising.  What I’ve seen so far of the streets and houses on my way here remind me very much of Walt and Skyler’s neighbourhood on Breaking Bad.  Here’s hoping no evil twins turn up with an axe.*  I did see the skyscrapers of Perth in the distance on my way here, and they looked mighty impressive, so I’m looking forward to getting a better picture of big Pacific city life tomorrow.

Finally, beastie count: two, and so far, so harmless.  One was a kind of millipede-y type thing which was on the wall in my room when I woke up earlier.  The other was a big fly which repeatedly hit me in the face as soon as I set foot out the airport.  Maybe he’s the heating engineer.

*I’m worried this might be construed as a spoiler.  For the record, there are no evil twins in BB and no one gets chopped up with an axe.  Or do they?

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