A little bit of planning does you good

Yawn.  Scratch.  Is it just me or have y’all been feeling this lazy too?  I know I’ve made jokes on here about my sloppy habits and how easily I’ve sunk in to a year of pleasing myself and seeing what comes along.  I  make these sacrifices so you don’t have to.  These past couple of weeks, however, have seen me take extreme lazing to new heights.

I’ve been telling myself it’s the deep midwinter.  It’s the shocking weather we’re having.  The world is on holiday, and I’m just doing the same as everyone else.  But really I know this is just the sloth in me trying to justify itself.  I’ve become so comfortable and settled over the past few months that I’ve metaphorically ripped off my hard-working mask to reveal my true face underneath.   And it is bone-idle and not pretty.  Lately it’s been starting to look as though my lovely home spun philosophy of wait-and-see might just be a massive front for me to get away with spending a year in my jammies.

Sometimes, however, we just need a kick up the backside and I got mine the other day.  I was watching the Christmas edition of Limmy’s Show.  You might have seen that, or other ones – it has moments of breathtaking comic observation, and other bits which are just too excruciating to watch.  So, I’m lying on my couch on Christmas Eve watching Dee Dee, the deeply philosophical stoner who never really leaves his house or, indeed, the comfort of his sleeping bag on the settee (is any of this starting to sound familiar?!).  Dee Dee also happened to be lying on his couch, also on Christmas Eve.  Also, as it happens, watching tv.  The significance wasn’t lost on me. The ghost of Christmas Future was alive and well and controlling my telly!  I was turning into Dee Dee!  The shock of this galvanised me into action, and I immediately got up.  To go and get some jaffa cakes out the cupboard.

But I’ve learned my lesson.  No more lazing around!  Next time you see me I’ll have learned Icelandic!  Wrestled a smurf!  Built a replica Jimmy Krankie out of lego!  Done other stuff!  Hopefully, just generally be  squeezing the juice, bits n’all, out of this time.  I’m starting to think that there might such a thing as feeling too comfortable and settled and happy to go with the flow.   Maybe planning isn’t such a bad business after all.

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