A little bit of planning does you good

Yawn.  Scratch.  Is it just me or have y’all been feeling this lazy too?  I know I’ve made jokes on here about my sloppy habits and how easily I’ve sunk in to a year of pleasing myself and seeing what comes along.  I  make these sacrifices so you don’t have to.  These past couple of weeks, however, have seen me take extreme lazing to new heights. Continue reading


Coming out over Christmas

It’s taken me a long number of years to get to this point, but I think I’m ready.  I’m coming out.   I know it makes me a weirdo deviant but I…um…I really don’t get Christmas.  I get that all you lovely people get it.  I get that it’s a massive deal for most of the civilised world.  I respect that, really I do.  But the whole thing is rather lost on me. Continue reading