Salad days

The other day I went out for a couple of carrots and I came home with a job.

There’s a very right-on veg shop close to where I live.  In fact…why don’t I just…wave my web wand and do…this.   Continue reading


A van with a plan

I went walking this weekend.  This in itself is nothing special, nor is it something you need to take a year off work to do.  I met up with a couple of pals and we headed to Gairloch, for a weekend of walking, and very lovely it was too. Continue reading

Moving times

My fledgling weekly routine was interrupted last week when my parents moved house.  They’ve done this numerous times in their adult lives, and have always managed it with something approaching aplomb.  Indeed, we moved house twice when I was a teenager and I have not one single memory of packing so much as a pair of socks, or of the transition from one house to another, so they clearly approached moving with the stealth of a cat burglar.  Either that or I had a particularly long lie both days.   Continue reading

Halloween for the healthy

This week, I saw my first Christmas tree – a sure sign that Halloween’s a-coming.  Working with kids, as this year I’m not, really brings home just how intolerably exciting this time of year is for young ‘uns.  When I wur a lad, the chance to put on a bin bag and go round the neighbours singing Karma Chameleon, in return for nuts you couldn’t open, afforded a quite indescribable thrill. Continue reading