The Notplanning Guide to Healthy Living and Keeping Up Appearances

Ever so slowly, these workless days and weeks have started to take on a recognisable shape.  Monday and Tuesday are the days I spend time with my parents and help out with the grandkids (theirs, of course, not mine); Friday to Sunday tend to be the days when all you normal people are free to come out and play, so they tend to be busy-ish with socialising and catching up. Which leaves Wednesday and Thursday.  Or, my new favourite days of the week. Continue reading


Where’s my bucket?

I realise it’ll be a breach of trades description if I get all carried away and start, like, planning stuff for this year.  Recently, however, I did something which probably falls under this heading.   Continue reading

A better class of mishmash

While I have no intention of turning this into a thrift blog – there are loads of those online and they do a much better job of it than I could – I’ve nevertheless found that, far from finding life on a budget difficult, this year has so far had the effect of setting my inner miser free, to run amok around the local pound shops, throwing multipack tins of catfood in the air and cackling. Continue reading