Destination anywhere

But the plans can wait!  Today I am doing something!  Today, I’m in that London, to visit a friend.  I find London hugely exciting at any time of the year but it felt quite wicked trotting off on the train on a week day (I know! Trains in term-time! Who knew?) while everyone else was at work.  To be fair, the train was packed with people, clearly also not at their work.  Maybe there are more of us on the skive than I realise.

Anyway, to London.  I’m staying with one friend, in Limehouse, and going later to visit another in Dalston.  On the map, these two are no distance at all, a mere square, in fact, so I may walk.  This is something I do.  I have an unassailable faith in my ability to get about, often in entirely strange and new places, without the aid of map, local knowledge or really any commonly accepted navigational aid.  While this generally gets me from A to B, I often have to pass through WTF first.   Like the time I got lost at 3am in the red light district of a foreign capital, or inadvertently went for a 16 mile hillwalk in a pair of wellies, with only a packet of fruit pastilles for sustenance.

Anyway, last time I fell into  the ‘mere box’ trap in London, I ended up two hours late and weeping with exhaustion.  So I think I’ve learned a lesson and will use the highly efficient transport system laid on especially for the job.  I mean, waltzing off into the sunset, no clear route or direction in mind – what class of numpty would do a thing like that?


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