Vested interests

I’ve lately started nursing a dream, something to give shape and structure to this year off.  I dream of becoming self-sufficient.  Or more precisely, to somehow create a living income and escape the shackles of wage-slavery. All, preferably, without having to leave the comfort of my jammies. Continue reading


Oldem times

It’s a minor fib to say I have no plan at all for this year.  The one answer I was able to give to the ‘what will you do’ question was that I would spend more time with my parents, who, I’ve recently come to realize, can probably now be described as elderly. Luckily, they still have the majority of their marbles, if not quite enough for a tournament, and are able-bodied enough to enjoy their universe. Continue reading

How on earth did this happen?

So, I appear to have started a blog (if you’re reading this, then you’re way ahead of me).

This turn of events is mildly surprising on a few levels.  Firstly, before this morning I had never expressed an interest in reading, let alone writing a blog.  Secondly, I’m a middle aged dunce who still thinks faxing is kinda neat and space-agey.  Thirdly, I have no idea what I’m going to be writing about. Continue reading